Monday, December 1, 2008

'Tis the Season

Well, not much is going on in the Reaves' household. We celebrated Thanksgiving twice last week. We got most of the Christmas decorations out this past weekend and put up. I doubt we get the lights on the house this already snowed the past two days! Sean only likes to put up lights when it's warm outside!

Had another checkup today. Everything is going as expected. I can wait until the 29th for my next check-up! Yay!!! At my next appt. I will have to do the glucose test and get a Rho-Gam shot. Details: my blood pressure was fine, a little high in the normal, but it was at the end of the day and Baby Girl's heartrate was 164.

We're still thinking of names for baby girl. Caeleigh often thinks of names of kids in her current class. Sean is thinking more original like "Sundance." (Which I have put my foot down on!)Hopefully we'll find a nice happy medium. I did find a note in Caeleigh's backpack from a friend:

"Der Caeleigh,
You shuld ask your mom and daid to name the baby Aimy. That is such a prutty name."

How sweet was that? It excites me to know that she is talking about the baby at school with her friends. It is her first year at St. Malachy, so I'm glad this will be a memorable year for her.

Nana comes to town for our yearly "Breakfast with Santa" this weekend. We'll have breakfast and make crafts on Saturday. I'll post some pictures hopefully this weekend of the event. And yes, Caeleigh is still a believer. I'm going to enjoy her gullible belief for as long as I can. Though I have to admit, I've almost let it slip a couple of times.

Have a great week!

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