Wednesday, February 10, 2010

December Snow

We had our first snow in December. Caeleigh was so excited. She couldn't wait to build a snowman....but by the looks of our backyard, you can tell it was going to be a HUGE snowman...*snicker*...

Enjoy! Boy, oh boy, this snow was nothing compared to what we got in February!! 2 SNOW DAYS!!


A Very Merry Christmas!

We had a fabulous Christmas this year! Caeleigh sang in the Christmas Eve mass at St. Malachy with the Children's Choir. Then we went to Brooke and Brad's house for Christmas Eve dinner with the Majors side of Sean's family. Wes and Kasey seemed to enjoy everything and Caeleigh was great at watching the lil' ones!

Christmas morning was hectic! Santa arrived with a guitar and an Easy Bake Oven for Caeleigh and a ball popper and monkey crawling ball for Kasey. Shortly after opening gifts from Santa, Grandma Shirley and Great-Grandma Bonnie came for more presents and breakfast.

After a morning full of presents, Nana, Papa, and Maggie Sugar came over for MORE present opening and a lovely prime rib dinner.

At least one more post to come!

December Activities...Caeleigh keeps us busy!

Yeah...I far behind.

We had a busy December. Caeleigh had her last Christmas program at St. Malachy. The third graders were the actors and narrators. Grades K-2 also sing in the program. Caeleigh was "the 14th narrator." Here she is at the podium.

A little snippet of the third grade singing!

Caeleigh as the 14th Narrator!

Caeleigh also had another Christmas Ballet recital. Kasey spent most of that chillin' in her stroller! She enjoyed the music and the dark! I was so tired from a long week at work, I would've like to have relaxed just like lil' Miss Kasey Jo!

Some pictures of Caeleigh dancing...

Here is a snip of her performance!

More posts to come on Christmas with family and other winter happenings...can you tell I'm on day two of snow days?