Saturday, January 31, 2009

30 weeks

Sorry to be slacking on the blog updates. It's been a crazy week!! Monday I had my 30 week check-up with my OB...actually it was one of her partners...mine was probably on some tropical vacation somewhere! But I really liked Dr. Hillaker. She is young, petite, and took a lot of time with me. I was afraid since I wasn't one of her normal patients, she might make is a super short appt. Anyhow, the appointment went well. I've gained just under 15 lbs; my blood pressure was 120/76; baby's heartrate was 156; and everything else was normal.

On another note, I had to scoot my car seat back a little more. The belly is not in the way for driving, but getting down and in that little thing is getting to be more and more of an acrobatic feat. (I drive a Pontiac G6.) I'm carrying this little booger so high, and it is just difficult to bend over to get into the car...I'm sure it's quite comical for the passer-byer who watches me attempt to get in/out of the car.

Weather-wise this week , we got 12 inches of snow Wednesday. Needless to say we had a snow-day and school was cancelled for Caeleigh and me. I've not seen snow this deep in quite a while! We are blessed to have such good neighbors who own a snow-blower and he came over to snow-blow the driveway and sidewalks later Wednesday afternoon. THANK YOU JAMIE!!! Because our town is FULL of newly built subdivisions, we had 2 hour delay starts to school on Thursday and Friday so the buses could get through these neighborhoods....many streets were not plowed. Also many students would be walking to bus stops in streets b/c the sidewalks are not shoveled. So it's been a pretty crazy week. I could get used to waiting until 9:30 to go to school each day!

On a totally different note, I started a second blog for my colleagues at work. As you may know I work with children on the Autism spectrum. My new blog is
Social Skills Lessons. I work with one of our special needs teachers to record her social skills lessons that she does with our kids and write about them and post them to the blog. I also plan to upload some of my lessons that I do with a different special education teacher and our social language/social thinking group. It is a work in progress. I will probably do a lot more uploading of lessons/tips/strategies, etc. while I am on maternity leave and over my summer vacation. I'm pretty swamped at work right now getting everything done before I have this baby! The website is or you can follow the link above as well!

Well, heading out to my cousin's FIRST birthday party! I may be looking forward more to cake than the noise! :) Have a great week!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pregnancy Clumsiness

Enough has finally happened, I think I have enough to blog on now.

I guess I only remember one bout of clumsiness when I was pregnant with Caeleigh. It involved trying to shave in a shower stall (we have a separate garden tub and shower), losing my balance, and falling towards the shower door onto the floor. I was pretty bruised, but no cuts. Thank goodness, considering I was holding a razor. I vaguely remember lots of shaving cream on the rug too! I can't remember how far along I was, but I think I was at least 24 weeks along. I just remember giving up shaving the legs after that! Or maybe my mom or someone bought me a lady's electric....too long ago to remember!

So my bouts of clumsiness have started a lot sooner this time. The first started at about 12 weeks. I was driving home from a doctor appt. and decided to pick up some lunch from a restaurant to take back to the office. As I was carrying the sack and LARGE lemonade out to the car...I guess I missed the curb and fell flat on my front. Somehow I threw the sack of food forward and did not land on it. But I obliberated the large foam cup of lemonade as I landed right on top of it. It was hot out and lemonade is sticky, so it is fair to say I was one HOT MESS! I still have a scar on my knee from where I scraped the crap out of it. I also got a NASTY bruise on my arm from hitting a car's side-view mirror. I wish now I had a picture to post.

So remembering how I fell out of the shower (we still live in the same house) with pregnancy number one....I've been anticipating a fall from there....but so far so good! But, don't worry.... the clumsiness factor has increased!

My hands have lost their grip. Even though I can still see the ridges in the skin on my fingertips, one of my vitamins or the progesterone must be making them not do their job and help me grip things. About two weeks ago I was putting away groceries and as I put the largest bottle of A-1 sauce I could find at the store into the slipped and landed on the wood floor. LUCKILY, only the plastic cap cracked and there was just a tiny mess to clean up.

I am even more convinced the fingers are extra slippery because on Friday night I was getting a jar of marinara out of the pantry and as I turned around to walk to the counter, it just looked like I pitched it forward and it shattered ALL OVER the kitchen. Sean summed it up well...the kitchen looked like a scene from CSI with splatter on the floor, upper & lower cabinets, the stove, the range hood, under the range hood, the wall, the counter tops, and even my jeans. I just couldn't help but cry!! Sean was such a good help and cleaned 90% of the mess up. He could definitely tell I was stressed. He had cereal for dinner and Caeleigh & I ate PB & J. No "super easy chicken manicotti" for the name of the recipe should've predicted it for me! The kicker is earlier that day (with -13 degree temps) I did a load of laundry and later Caeleigh went to get her boots out of the laundry room and came in and said "Mommy, my boots are sopping wet!" Went in there and the floor was covered in water. I cleaned that mess up. When Sean came home we had a plumber (hubby of a no service charge, thank goodness) come out. He figured out that the drain pipe was probably frozen in the morning and when it was time to drain the dirty water, there was no where for the water to go, except all over the floor! Ce la vie!

I still haven't given up shaving my legs yet....I am very careful as to not fall out of the shower! Also I'm surprised with all the icy, snowy, cold weather we've had I haven't fallen yet. Don't worry...I anticipate it happening! I do think it's funny my cousin told me not to name this little girl Grace!

Have a great week! It's my off week for a doctor appt. So nothing new to update there!


Monday, January 12, 2009

28 week appointment

Today was an uneventful OB appt. It takes about 40 minutes to get there in traffic...waited 15 minutes in the waiting room and then 25 minutes in the actual room...and 35 minutes home...and I only spent about FIVE FREAKING minutes with my Doctor. Oh well, at least I know I did pass the glucose tolerance test (no gestational diabetes!); my blood pressure was fine (120/76); baby's heartrate was 146; and my weight gain is still minimal. The only thing she mentioned was that I am measuring much bigger than being 28 weeks will probably have another ultrasound at one of the next two appts. to see how big this baby actually is!

Still haven't decided on a name yet. I still really like McKenna, but one of Sean's buddies just named his baby girl McKenna...I also like Kendall, Cassidy, Carly, Teagan, Lane, and others. Sean is still stuck on Sundance. Oh, but here's a funny...he brought a jewelry box into me this morning or yesterday morning that had "Sundance" (the jewelry brand) written on the lid. He thinks it was a sign....I said it just a box holding gift cards from Christmas. :)

Also this baby has been movin' and groovin' like crazy. She is so active and can often see my stomach being "poked out." Well, last night Sean witnessed it and he started to gag!!! He has the weakest is so sad. I was DYING laughing and crying so hard trying to tell his mom about it....while he is so grossed out! And yes, he won't go anywhere but staying as close to my head and shoulders as possible during delivery!! Apparently this child is an alien according to him.

Well, we have 1-2" of snow coming in with some super frigid cold temps later this week. Poor Sean has to travel for business tomorrow (possibilities could be FL, Vegas, CA, etc.)....and he has to go to Minnesota!!! Poor guy!!

Have a great week!