Monday, January 12, 2009

28 week appointment

Today was an uneventful OB appt. It takes about 40 minutes to get there in traffic...waited 15 minutes in the waiting room and then 25 minutes in the actual room...and 35 minutes home...and I only spent about FIVE FREAKING minutes with my Doctor. Oh well, at least I know I did pass the glucose tolerance test (no gestational diabetes!); my blood pressure was fine (120/76); baby's heartrate was 146; and my weight gain is still minimal. The only thing she mentioned was that I am measuring much bigger than being 28 weeks will probably have another ultrasound at one of the next two appts. to see how big this baby actually is!

Still haven't decided on a name yet. I still really like McKenna, but one of Sean's buddies just named his baby girl McKenna...I also like Kendall, Cassidy, Carly, Teagan, Lane, and others. Sean is still stuck on Sundance. Oh, but here's a funny...he brought a jewelry box into me this morning or yesterday morning that had "Sundance" (the jewelry brand) written on the lid. He thinks it was a sign....I said it just a box holding gift cards from Christmas. :)

Also this baby has been movin' and groovin' like crazy. She is so active and can often see my stomach being "poked out." Well, last night Sean witnessed it and he started to gag!!! He has the weakest is so sad. I was DYING laughing and crying so hard trying to tell his mom about it....while he is so grossed out! And yes, he won't go anywhere but staying as close to my head and shoulders as possible during delivery!! Apparently this child is an alien according to him.

Well, we have 1-2" of snow coming in with some super frigid cold temps later this week. Poor Sean has to travel for business tomorrow (possibilities could be FL, Vegas, CA, etc.)....and he has to go to Minnesota!!! Poor guy!!

Have a great week!


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Brooke and Brad Arnold said...

YAY for no gestational diabetes, that sucked for me! Good news on everything else and glad to hear baby is doing well. It's funny, sometimes I miss the pregnancy feelings like those little kicks but I sure don't miss the worry that went along with it (for me anyway). I can't wait to meet her and I'm voting for Kendall or McKenna still, is he really serious about Sundance? I hope he's kidding.