Thursday, April 23, 2009

6 Weeks Old

Lots happening in the Reaves' household the past week and this week. It's going to be busy next week as well...

First lil' Miss Kasey Joann turns 6 weeks old today! I'm estimating her to weigh about 10 lbs now. She goes for her 2 month check up in two weeks, so we'll get a better weight then! Poor lil' things will also get some vaccinations.....hopefully she'll tolerate them well. She did great with her Hep B shot two weeks ago.
She still has a nice full head of hair...some say it's starting to get a reddish tint like mine and Caeleigh's. I think her eyes will be brown.
Don't ya love the outfit? Thanks Maggie Sugar! Many compliments from others on this ensemble!

Big Sister Caeleigh has got a lot of going ons! Softball practice has started and games will start next week. She has moved up a league to the 8 and under. This means the coach pitches, but strikes count and they run the bases "for real." Score is also kept. Last year in 6 and under, the coaches pitched 5-8 balls (pretty much until the girls hit) and they all got to run onto base. No score was kept. So this will be a good learning experience! She is not the best player or dare I even say an average player? Let's be honest, she's out there for fun, not for talent! But she see's no difference. I love the innocence of her! Her team is Rock Star cheer for the RockStars!! ;)

Last Friday was "Crazy Hair Day" at St. Malachy. Caeleigh was very excited for that! The kiddos also got a casual day (no uniform) if they participated in the spirit day. So she was glad about that too! We used lots of different "holiday" hair decorations! Father Dan even picked up on that!

Last weekend we were able to drive to Nana and Papa's house in Marshall, IL (my parents). We went to the auction house. (I was able to snag a piece of 1936 Fiestaware and another piece that was not dated!) We had Grandma Patty out for dinner and just tried to RELAX! We had a great visit. The weather was nice until Sunday when it got cold and rainy. Caeleigh was able to mow the grass with Papa. She really enjoyed that! He even let her drive.

Saturday night the 2nd grade classes are having a celebration for their First Communion. Caeleigh won't make her First Communion until May 2 (Kasey is also being baptized then)....but she is excited to party with her pals!
Next week we'll be getting ready for softball opening ceremony on Friday; softball pics, first game, and First Communion/Baptism on Saturday...whew..busy! Caeleigh also gets to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Murat or Clowes Hall with Maggie Sugar on the 3rd. How exciting! She loves to see shows with Mag.

I'll have lots of pics after next week. Have a good one!


Monday, April 13, 2009


Happy Easter everyone! Hope all had a good holiday as we did too! This was the first Easter away from my family. With the advice of Kasey's pediatrician, we decided to stay home because of cold/flu/RSV season still lingering here in Indiana. My family has a HUGE gathering at my Aunt Nancy's house and we decided that would be too many people, kids, and germs. So we stayed home and my sister (Maggie) came over. I cooked a decent meal and Maggie brought a homemade Key Lime Cheesecake that was DE-Lish! Caeleigh was happy that the Easter bunny does know where she lives and didn't accidentally go to Nana's house in Marshall :) lol!

Caeleigh and I painted and glittered eggs with the help of a PAAS kit...didn't do the dyeing thing, but the paint was just as messy!

First, boil, dry and cool eggs.

Next, paint (our kit was missing the paint tray, so we improvised with Dixie cups!)

Decorate and shake GLITTER!!!

Miss Kasey, chillin' in her bouncy seat, did not partake in the decorating!

The finished product!!

Easter morning after mass at St. Malachy

Kasey in her Easter outfit...thanks Anna for the adorable and quite comfy outfit!

My girls on Easter...

Have a great week!



Thursday, April 9, 2009

Four Weeks Old!

Miss Kasey had her four week check up today. She now weighs 9lbs; 0oz. She has grown 1/2 inch to 20 1/2 inches long! Dr. Hannah said she is growing nicely and everything is right along the "curve." So I guess that means growing well! Here is a pic of her today (rockin' the leg warmers again!)

Have a great Easter weekend. Will blog more after our Easter weekend.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

First Photo Shoot

Sean has a colleague at MainGate,Cassandra Parkins, who is a budding photographer. She offered to take pics of my girls for some practice for her and in hopes of getting some shots to use as samples. I am so impressed that I had to share the pics that she did! So I made a slide show. You can also check more of Cassandra's pics of other subjects (primarily her ADORABLE daughter Mara too!)at