Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bug, Bug Go Away, and STAY AWAY!

Well, the Reaves family was hit was a horrible bug this past week. I woke up last Wednesday night with the nastiest stomach bug I've ever had since I was like 10 years old. I missed Thursday and Friday of work and still felt yucky on Saturday. Caeleigh then woke up Friday night (or Saturday AM) throwing up and hers was a true 24 hour bug. Then Sean woke up with a sore throat on Sunday that got progressively worse and by Monday morning he had a temperature of 102.1 degrees! He went to a Med-Check and has strep. It's Wednesday now, and he still has a low grade temp (even with Ibuprofen and Tylenol in his system) and throat does not feel much better). He missed Monday and Tuesday of work, should've missed today, but went in.

So today Sean dropped Caeleigh off at school and as I was leaving for work, I started at the back of the house and sprayed EVERYTHING and EVERY area with Lysol (for like the 100th time!)

I am feeling so much better...but get tired very easily....the bug really zapped my energy. It was hard to stay hydrated. I don't wish this misery even on my own worst enemy!

So my parents were supposed to come last Saturday to paint and help get the nursery together, but they didn't (don't blame them!) Mom is coming on Saturday and hopefully we get some things accomplished! My good friends from my old school are also hosting a shower on Sunday, so I hope to get some pics of the nursery and shower soon!

Going to the doctor on Monday for a checkup...I'll post again after the appt!

Stay well everyone! Wash, wash, wash your hands....disinfect, disinfect, disinfect!!! Keep it clean folks!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

32 weeks, measuring 33 weeks

Had another doctor appt. on Monday. Only gained a couple of pounds...which my feet, ankles, fingers, and even MY TOES are I have a feeling I'm going to have more water weight gain!! My blood pressure was still good (120/70); baby's heart rate was 146; and I still feel good.

It's getting harder and harder to move quick....I need to give myself at least 5 extra minutes of travel time just for getting into/out of the car and walking into the school buildings. Geez!!

Had a great date with Sean last Friday night. We went with our friends, Brent and Angie, to go see "He's Just Not That Into You." It was such a great ensemble cast with different stories going on....kind of "Love Actually"-esque (which is one of my favorite movies!) We went to Tripps's afterwards for a drink (diet coke for me!) and an appetizer. It was such a nice night....and probably my Valentine's Day celebration....since I refuse to make a big deal out of Valentine's Day with the almost 100% mark-ups, need for reservations, crowds, etc. Now don't get me wrong, I like getting a card...but can have the flowers early or late....just TOO expensive on the day of!

Not much else to report. Caeleigh is doing great. She got all A's and B's on her report card and is ready to sign up for softball. She is getting a little anxious about the upcoming birth...worried we won't pay attention to her, leave her out, etc. It is so hard to convince her that won't happen, but am doing my best!! Her birthday will be in a couple of weeks...we are starting to plan a little party for some of her friends. She went to a party with 14! girls last weekend and came home upset because there was so much drama and fighting. I told her that's what happens when you get too many girls together....and she came back with "Well, instead of 5 girls, I think I'll only invite 3 or 4 to my party....and it'll be easier to all get along!" What a smart girl...must get it from her momma!

Going to start working on the nursery this weekend. When it's done I'll post some pictures....may be a 2-3 week process (remember swollen TOES) so be patient!

Have a great week...have another appointment Feb. 23. My doctor did make a mistake about my progesterone shots...she wants them to continue through 36 got a new scrip for 4 more doses...hooray! Dr. Denman originally told me 16-32 weeks, but guess she meant through 36 weeks. Oh well! They aren't bad at all. I've not had any reactions, so that is good!

Have a good rest of the week and a sweet Valentine's day!