Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bug, Bug Go Away, and STAY AWAY!

Well, the Reaves family was hit was a horrible bug this past week. I woke up last Wednesday night with the nastiest stomach bug I've ever had since I was like 10 years old. I missed Thursday and Friday of work and still felt yucky on Saturday. Caeleigh then woke up Friday night (or Saturday AM) throwing up and hers was a true 24 hour bug. Then Sean woke up with a sore throat on Sunday that got progressively worse and by Monday morning he had a temperature of 102.1 degrees! He went to a Med-Check and has strep. It's Wednesday now, and he still has a low grade temp (even with Ibuprofen and Tylenol in his system) and throat does not feel much better). He missed Monday and Tuesday of work, should've missed today, but went in.

So today Sean dropped Caeleigh off at school and as I was leaving for work, I started at the back of the house and sprayed EVERYTHING and EVERY area with Lysol (for like the 100th time!)

I am feeling so much better...but get tired very easily....the bug really zapped my energy. It was hard to stay hydrated. I don't wish this misery even on my own worst enemy!

So my parents were supposed to come last Saturday to paint and help get the nursery together, but they didn't (don't blame them!) Mom is coming on Saturday and hopefully we get some things accomplished! My good friends from my old school are also hosting a shower on Sunday, so I hope to get some pics of the nursery and shower soon!

Going to the doctor on Monday for a checkup...I'll post again after the appt!

Stay well everyone! Wash, wash, wash your hands....disinfect, disinfect, disinfect!!! Keep it clean folks!


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Anonymous said...

Germs galore having being going around here, but I've been fortunate so far to keep them away. We're out of school this entire week so hopefully that will allow a lot of us to keep the germs at bay...and give us all some rest to keep us well when we return to school Monday. Hope you all get better soon and can't wait to see the baby shower pictures!

God bless,

Katherine Brown