Monday, March 2, 2009

A Weekend Worthy of Some Updates

Saturday was a busy day. Caeleigh had her First Communion Retreat from 9am-12pm; then a little dress shopping for First Communion; then I took her to her Grandma Shirley's to spend the night. I went home and took a little nap and then went to Mass. During Mass I just did not feel "right." I was having some contractions, which was normal, but just felt "icky." I probably overdid it!

Sean and I had plans to go out to eat, but on my way home from Mass I called him and said I would just grab something and stay home. I ate a few chicken nuggets and some french fries, felt a little better, but then the contractions started to come harder and more frequent (about 10 minutes)...well I'm supposed to call if I have 6 contractions in an I did and Dr. Murphy was covering for my doctor. She said to come on in.

Sean and I left the house around 7:15 and were to Clarian North pretty quickly. After a quick assessment they decided to give me a dose of Terbutiline (sp?) to relax the uterus and stop contracting. They also started an IV bag to help rehydrate me. The nurse gave me the first dose of a lung steroid for the baby's lung development. I would need another 12 hours later. Since I had not been tested for BetaStrep (whatever that is...was going to happen at my regular checkup this AM) they also gave me antibiotics. Started feeling better, then vomited. But the contractions were slowed way down, so about 12:00 midnight I was discharged home.

Sunday morning we had to go back for the 2nd dose of the lung steroid medicine. I woke up fine, showered, but was very nauseated. While in the car (about 9am), started having contractions about 5 minutes apart in the ride to the hospital. So they admitted me for more Terbutiline (ended up having 4 doses totalon Sunday); the 2nd lung shot; and 2 and 1/2 bags of IV fluid. I was finally released around 5:15pm. In that time, my parents came up from Illinois and my sister came over to help out. Sean's mom kept Caeleigh all day on Sunday and brought her home around 6pm.

So Monday...Maggie spent the night and was able to take Caeleigh to school at 7:15; Sean had to get to work to wrap a few things up; and my parents took me to a previously scheduled ultrasound at 8:00am with a regularly scheduled checkup at 8:50. The ultrasound went well. Dr. Denman wanted to get measurements since I was measuring big last week. I am measuring 38 weeks (though at 35); and baby weighs about 7lbs; 7oz. WOW!! So since she's had the two lung shots, the doctor said they will not stop any further contractions.

So I got home, ate some oatmeal, had some Sprite and took a nap. When I woke up my parents had cleaned the garage, put the bouncer together, put the baby swing together, and finished organizing the baby's room. Unbelievable! They are awesome. I was feeling okay until about 1:30 and the stomach bug symptoms came back. I haven't been able to keep anything down. As I type I've had about 5 contractions every I have started writing them down to keep better track. When it's 6 an hour, I go back.

Check Sean's blog ( for further updates if we are headed to the hospital.

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