Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can't believe June is almost over!

Wow! I knew it had been awhile since blogging, but it's been a lot longer than I thought!

June has been surprisingly very busy! Caeleigh's finishing up softball. The tourney has begun and we have to play at least one more game tonight. If they lose, we're done, it they win...another game. Here she is after a tourney game. She was the catcher and got over-heated in the catching gear. We had to dump cold water down her neck and on her head.

Caeleigh also decided she wanted to get her ears pierced. We went through this last year and she "chickened out." So I ended up with a very darling pair of little pink rhinestone flower earrings. This year she didn't chicken out!! She is also sporting a new hair cut!

Kasey had her 3 month check-up on the 17th of June. She weighed 12 pounds even. She measured 23 1/8 inches long. All on track. No shots this month. Kasey has also started sleeping in her crib in her room every night this week! The first night I slept like a rock...didn't wake once. The other nights, I'm always waking thinking I heard her....crazy. Kasey has really discovered her thumb and fingers....oh, great...another thumb-sucker! Her other new trick is rolling from her back to her belly. She will also push up now during tummy time and end up on her back! I'm so used to Caeleigh's laziness (low tone) as an infant....she's at least a month ahead of Caeleigh on these physical feats! Kasey also really likes sitting in her Bumbo seat! Here she is at 3 months old!

Last week the girls and I went to Marshall to visit Nana and Poppa. Poppa surprised us by suggesting going to Terre Haute to Bogey's Family Fun Center (something he would NEVER do when Maggie and I were kids!) But we had a fabulous time. Miniature golf, bungee-trampoline, arcade, then off to Real Hacienda for dinner. It was a nice night!! Hot, but nice!

Here Caeleigh tries Bungee-Trampoline!

Kasey preferred to chill in her stroller!

Caeleigh thought the water looked like mouthwash....I thought it was just very unnatural looking!

Next week starts Caeleigh's swim lessons. We are also planning a mini-vacation to LaPorte, IN to visit with the Reaves' family. Sean's dad is flying in from Daytona to visit as well. So I'm sure we'll be boating on Pine Lake!

Have a Happy 4th of July!!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Busy end to the month of May!

We have a very busy last weekend of May. Caeleigh had her dance recital and a softball game. We welcomed our cousins Jennifer and Layton for a sleepover and Nana cam too! Yay!!

Baby sis usually sleeps through Caeleigh's games!

Caeleigh had two hits at her game. (Isn't she a cutie?)

Kasey was 11 weeks old last Thursday. She has really started to pay attention to her mobile on the swing. She really watches it and talks to it!

Dance Recital: ballet performance to Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid

Dance Recital: Tap performance to Bushel and a Peck

Before the recital Layton was giving Caeleigh hugs!

The weather has been so beautiful. Today is REALLY hot out, but should be cooling down to the 70s again for this week. I need to finish up the deck and plant more flowers that just arrived. I'm working on some perennial gardens for the back yard....ugh. I really want a manicure, but not until the deck and planting are done! Why ruin it?

Have a great week! Caeleigh only has 2 more days of school! Can't wait for her to be home!

Here is a little video of her hit during Saturday's game!