Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Trip to Clarian North

Where do I begin? Tuesday (3-3-09)….Sean’s lucky number is 3 and 3 is the square root of 9….so I thought it would be a lucky day….Not necessarily a lucky day to have a baby, but just a lucky day to stop throwing up and having (as Sean would say) the Big D. Sorry folks….no way to sugar coat it. I have been SICK, SICK, SICK.

Okay, let's back up…came home Sunday night from the hospital for treatment of dehydration and meds to stop contractions. Woke up Monday, went to a Dr. Checkup and ultrasound…baby weighs about 7lb; 7oz; my doc had no concerns except to rest and keep food and solids down. Went home and felt OK…later that evening started throwing up AGAIN, Big D AGAIN, and feeling weak.

I was up about every 30 minutes -90 minutes throughout Monday night. Sean left for work. I got sick about 7:15 and started timing contractions. This time they were about 4-5 minutes apart. I called the doctor when they opened at 8. It took them over an hour to call me back to tell me to go back to the hospital. Ugh…little frustration.

Got to the hospital around 10am…4-5 car pileup on Interstate 74 (our link to 465 to get to Clarian North)…so 56th street was also backed up…needless to say a longer trip than normal.
The triage nurse remembered me from the weekend and knew the docs weren’t going to stop contractions with medicine anymore, so she arranged for me to be in a more comfy Labor and Delivery Room (LDR). They started more IV fluids…the contractions slowed down to 5-8 minutes apart, I ate some mashed potatoes, 3 bags of fluids later (about 4pm) decided to send me home because I had only dilated from 1cm to 2cm. Doc sent me home with the drug that docs give chemo patients when nauseated and order to stay hydrated. (Easier said than done.)

Last night I was able to get much more sleep. I feel better today. Still weak, but think I’m able to tolerate bland food better. The hot tea was good. Not put on “bedrest” yet…they say to go back to work when I feel I can tolerate it, so I’m just burning up sick days I was saving for maternity leave, but oh well….life goes on. I’m going to stay home again on Thursday…we’ll see about Friday. My mom is coming back to town on Friday to help with Caeleigh's 8th Birthday Party on Saturday.

Many thanks to all those thoughts, prayers, meal offers/deliveries/ etc. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. I love you all.

And many of you are probably wondering…No there is still not a definite name for this little bean yet!

Also, I do want to clarify....I want this baby to stay in as LONG as possible. I'm not wishing the labor to progress along any faster. I just want to stop being SICK!!! Even though baby is doing well and still moving, great heartrate, and is big enough, I want her to come when she (and God) are ready for her to come. (And they may be ready before this household!!)

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