Monday, April 13, 2009


Happy Easter everyone! Hope all had a good holiday as we did too! This was the first Easter away from my family. With the advice of Kasey's pediatrician, we decided to stay home because of cold/flu/RSV season still lingering here in Indiana. My family has a HUGE gathering at my Aunt Nancy's house and we decided that would be too many people, kids, and germs. So we stayed home and my sister (Maggie) came over. I cooked a decent meal and Maggie brought a homemade Key Lime Cheesecake that was DE-Lish! Caeleigh was happy that the Easter bunny does know where she lives and didn't accidentally go to Nana's house in Marshall :) lol!

Caeleigh and I painted and glittered eggs with the help of a PAAS kit...didn't do the dyeing thing, but the paint was just as messy!

First, boil, dry and cool eggs.

Next, paint (our kit was missing the paint tray, so we improvised with Dixie cups!)

Decorate and shake GLITTER!!!

Miss Kasey, chillin' in her bouncy seat, did not partake in the decorating!

The finished product!!

Easter morning after mass at St. Malachy

Kasey in her Easter outfit...thanks Anna for the adorable and quite comfy outfit!

My girls on Easter...

Have a great week!




Amy said...

Your girls are adorable. I'm sure the next 8 years will fly by as well. Enjoy the rest of the school year off. I was off for all but two weeks of the first semester on bedrest and maternity leave so I had to go back in January. We've somewhat settled into a routine that works for us. Elizabeth is happy with her sitter and I'm glad to be back at school, most days.

Keep up the great postings... I love reading your blog.

Brooke and Brad Arnold said...

So cute, we missed you! I can't wait to see Kasey again!