Monday, November 17, 2008

Drumroll Please....

…..well, can you tell?

Yeah….me neither! Luckily the ultrasound tech can find all the necessary parts! We are going to be blessed with another little girl. I am so thrilled! Caeleigh even more so. On the way to the Dr. Office, she was sitting in the back seat of the car with fingers crossed (on both hands), eyes closed, repeating her mantra, “please be a girl, please be a girl, please be a girl.” I, of course, was so worried that if this ended up to be a boy, she was going to cry or be extremely disappointed. Thankfully, she got her wish.

So, I do think Sean was hoping for a boy. His reaction was pretty mild. I did notice a slight twinge of disappointment. But, he IS such a good daddy to Caeleigh, I know he’ll love having two “daddy girls.”

This baby girl (yet to be named) was quite the pill during the ultrasound. She would not cooperate fully for about 30 minutes, then she finally did. I hope that is not a sign of what is to come! Here is a profile pic of our baby girl!
After the tech said it was a girl, Caeleigh immediately turned to her Daddy, pointed her fingers at him and said, “Ha! 3 to 1! You’re outnumbered.”
The rest of my doctor appt. was uneventful. I still need to continue with biweekly appointments. My blood pressure was a little bit higher, but still in the normal range. Baby’s heart rate was 166. Everything looked good for the ultrasound as well. I’m measuring a week ahead of time. So I’m thinking we’ll meet this baby at the end of March.
So with the stock market crashing let me know of any good investment ideas to pay for TWO weddings!!


The Murray Crew said...

Sarah, read this aloud to Brad as he paints and I recover from a grocery night. =) We were CRACKING up at Miss Caeleigh. Love that spunky gal! =)

Congratulations, little lady. Do you think her last name could be Murray someday? =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,

This is Katherine Brown. I got your blog off of Jen's blog. I follow her blog from time to time, but I am not consistent. I just wanted to say congratulations on a new daughter! How exciting for your family! I e-mailed Sara Fifer awhile back, but all is good in Georgia. We absolutely LOVE it here. Take care and God bless,


Anonymous said...

congrats on another little miracle...two girls what fun! Just think you already have everything you'll need (how nice). I'm glad to see that you've started a blog, I often wonder how you are I can easily keep up with you.

Congrats again!

Love, Darcy Kazarian