Sunday, November 2, 2008

Was that flutter a gas bubble or baby moving?

Well, over the past week I have really started to feel this baby growing inside of me move. At first, I wasn't sure...Sean says I'm pretty gassy lately, so I passed it off as gas. But then the movement persisted and my lower stomach just felt "twitchy." I'm 18 1/2 weeks along and should start to feel movement, so I'm hopeful that it was!

My bloodwork for syndromes and various defects all came back negative so that is a good thing! I have another check-up tomorrow. The progesterone shots have been going well, no real side effects (Thank goodness! Internet postings had me petrified! I really should follow my own advice and not believe what I read on the net, but I was so anxious about these shots.)

Halloween with Caeleigh was so much fun. Nana made her mermaid costume and I found her a wig to complete the Ariel look. Sean took her trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and I handed out the goodies to the kiddos. Usually I'm pretty strict about the middle schoolers who don't even bother to dress up and don't give them candy, but this year I only saw one! My new pet peeve is a doozy though! This year though, many kiddos don't even bother saying "Trick or Treat." They just open their bags after I open the door. Geez! What is the deal with that? Finally with the older kids I would stand there holding back the candy until they said those magic words...boy! Did I get some eye-rolls, but they said "Trick or Treat!" (And luckily no one smashed our pumpkins later!)

Well, the Colts are coming on soon! Gotta get ready...I'll keep you posted on tomorrow's appointment!

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