Sunday, December 21, 2008

We've Been Busy!!

The past week has been event-filled. Caeleigh had her Christmas program at St. Malachy. We went to the Indiana Pacers/Golden State Nuggets basketball game. And our week wrapped up with Caeleigh's Christmas Dance Recital. Enjoy the pics!!

Caeleigh and her teacher, Mrs. Strahle (before the Christmas program!)

Caeleigh and her classmates singing in the program. (She is near center with the green, red, and gold ribbon in her hair)

Here are some pics from the Pacer game!

And finally our little sugarplum fairy in her dance recital. (Notice the little dance skirts...I made all 9 for the girls!!)

Have a Merry Christmas if I don't blog again. Caeleigh and I are going to make a gingerbread house this afternoon, bake some cookies and make treats this week, and finish wrapping presents in the next 3 days!! Even though we are on break from school, I think we're going to be VERY busy!!


Brooke and Brad Arnold said...

Yep it sure sounds like you're going to be busy, very cute pictures, looks like you had a fun week. We can't wait to see you guys on Xmas eve, I finally got everything wrapped but still have to clean the house a little. And tell Caeleigh not to worry, we're gonna put the dogs away upstairs (although I'm sure they will still bark).

Anonymous said...

Very cute outfits, Sarah! Mrs. Strahle is such as nice teacher. I"m glad that Caleigh is doing so well. We're having a quiet Christmas in Georgia. Last year we made all the rounds to see family and it wore us out. Enjoy spending time with your family this Christmas!

God bless,

Katherine Brown